At South Ribble Physiotherapy we believe in treating every person individually and strive for perfection. We use a variety of treatment techniques with the aim of resolving your problem. It is our philosophy to resolve the underlying cause of our patient’s problems to prevent recurrence, rather than solely providing a ‘quick fix’ to symptoms.

We specialise in rehabilitation to enhance recovery and provide advice on safe return to sport. We aim to enhance your performance and you should expect nothing but a first class service due our experience with professional and semi-professional athletes.

We also offer advice and methods of managing repetitive strain and long term arthritic / chronic conditions.

Manual therapy ('Hands on' Treatment)

Joint mobilisations and manipulations to reduce muscle spasm and improve joint movement and function.

Soft tissue / muscle treatments.

The use of massage, connective tissue release and trigger point therapy can relieve and facilitate healing of soft tissue injuries. It can also relieve postural muscular pain and stress.

Detailed assessment of muscle imbalance and then relevant programme of muscle imbalance and core stability exercises. This can be particularly effective in preventing your problem from reoccurring.


Ultrasound, TENS can be used to facilitate healing and settle down inflammation and pain. Heat and Cold (cryotherapy) therapy can be used to relieve swelling, pain and muscle spasm and help you return to full health sooner.


Can be used to relieve pain and improving function. The needles used stimulate and block pain signals helping you return to normal activities. It can be effective for people suffering long term conditions / chronic pain, as well as settling acute pain immediately after injury.

Personal training

We have links with excellent personal trainers and work closely with them to further enrich your recovery.